Interested in watching some improv theatre on stage, or even trying some yourself? Here are just some of the many places to see and learn improv in Seattle - the improv community and opportunities are growing every day!

Classes & Workshops

Unexpected Productions (ImprovDoc's home!)

Jet City Improv

Matt Smith

Drop-in "workouts"

Unexpected Productions - "Playground" Mondays @7pm

Jet City Improv - "Dojo" Mondays @7pm

Comedysportz Seattle - "The Improv Jam" Weds @8pm

Improv Alive! -- esp for improvisers who are not interested in stage performance! - calendar varies



Seattle Theatresports / Unexpected Productions

Pike Place Market, at the Gum Wall. Theatresports is the longest running show in Seattle (>30years!). It plays every Friday & Saturday nights at 10:30pm; we have more improv shows Weds-Sunday. 

Jet City Improv

University District. Mainstage show every Friday & Saturday. Special "long-form" theme shows Thurs & Fri @8pm.


Bainbridge Island. 1st Sat of every month. These guys are pros!


Comedysportz Seattle

Fremont. Shows Friday through Sunday.

Blood Squad

Improvised horror! Schedule & location varies

The Pocket Theater

Greenwood. Rotating performances from the entire Seattle improv community - Check calendar.