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The practice of medicine is challenging, particularly when it comes to communication. Empathy, teamwork, and wellness are needed to create positive relationships that promote the health of patients, clinicians, and communities. The skills of improvisation can make that happen.

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Medical Improv is the adaptation of improv theatre training methods to the context of medicine, in order to promote healthy interpersonal interactions through better cognition, wellbeing, and collaboration.

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Discover creative approaches to support your personal and professional development. You'll find links to articles, books, videos, and other resources about improv, medical improv, communication, the art of medicine, and related subjects. You'll also find links to training events such as the Annual Medical Improv Train-the-Trainer Workshop. 

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Join the conversation and the community! On our blog, you'll hear from fellow educators who are using medical improv, find interesting articles, and discover new ideas about current issues in medical communication. 

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